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On this site you will find a variety of tips and advice that could help you to land your dream job. We also have an experienced CV Writing services team ready to help you out if you wish to have professional help with your job application.

When most people start thinking about pulling together a CV, they usually concentrate on the content of the CV – what they are going to say, and what they are going to highlight as being important – but they very rarely think about how they are going to say it. When it comes to CV writing; structure, layout and content are all important factors to consider. But it is the words, phrases and terminology that highlight how well you can communicate, and this has a huge influence on recruiters.

So you need to choose your words carefully to sell yourself, positive words such as 'accomplished', 'established' and 'led' work well, especially when 'boosted' by words like 'decisively' and 'resourcefully'. The main thing to remember is to avoid the use of any negative words.

When writing your CV, ensure that it is thoughtfully structured, concise yet gives sufficient useful information for a potential employer to understand who you are and why you may fit into their organisation. Emphasize the positive and minimise the negative.